TRUsox help you get a grip on your game!

TRUsox are taking over MLB!

Why? It's, simply put, because of the dramatic increase in performance that the product gives. They feature non-slip INEXtech pads, that appear on both the inside and outside of the product. This makes sure that your foot is secured in the TRUsox, and the TRUsox are stable in your cleat; this means there is no movement whatsoever, and your cleat feels part of your body. It gives players that “snug” feeling they are looking for!


Strike and Run

Revolutionary, new performance enhancing sporting product that maximizes the grip you get from your footwear. With the non-slip INEXtech pads on both the inside, and outside, of the foot grips, TRUsox give you that extra grip that all players seek.

Maximize Power Transfer

TRUsox help you in all aspects of baseball. For batters, you need that extra grip when running from base-to-base. TruSox can be the difference between making it to third base, or sticking at second. For fieldsmen, it can be the difference between making up vital ground to make a catch, or the ball dropping just short. TRUsox give you that little bit extra, to give you the edge over your opponents!

Stabilization of Plant Foot

In baseball, having stability within your footwear is essential. Whether you're a pitcher, batter or fieldsman, you have to feel stable. A pitcher's front foot must be secure and not slide around; this is where TRUsox come into their own. With the INEXtech pads, your feet stay planted and allow you to get a better pitch off.

TRUsox give you that grip you're missing out on!

The enhancement in performance that TRUsox give has meant that the highest-paid players in Major League Baseball have turned to them as the solution to their grip issues. The amount of players wearing the product is now truly astounding, and there will be a strong chance you will see a player on the field in the famous rectangles.


Here are just a few of the players to be sporting TRUsox every game:
• Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
• Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)
• Dee Gordon (Miami Marlins)