TruSox help you get a grip!

TruSox provide that comfort and stability desired when running

Having trouble finding the perfect pair of socks for running in? Something with that grip that can help prevent those tiresome blisters, with the added comfort? Look no further!

TruSox incorporate non-slip technology pads on the outside, and inside, that grip to your footwear and foot respectively, for a closer, snug feel and fit inside your shoe, which can help to prevent against blisters. The cotton blend in TruSox also gives you the comfort that everyone is looking for from a running sock.


Raise Your Game

Have you ever been on a long run and found your feet in agony after some distance? TruSox could be the answer for you. With the grip TruSox give, and the comfort and ability to help you prevent blisters, your run could be prolonged and lengthened!

Maximize Power Transfer

TruSox' non-slip technology pads grip not only to your footwear, but also to your foot. Situated on both the inside and outside of the foot grips, these pads give you the grip no other product can give. These help you maximize the power transfer when turning corners or changing direction, which may also help prevent injuries.

Stabilization of Plant Foot

TruSox have many benefits for runners: the comfort you get as opposed to other ankle socks, helping you to keep those blisters at bay, and the performance enhancement they give you when changing direction, or helping you run further. The difference between the TruSox and regular ankle socks is astounding.


Incredible Lock-In Hold To Keep You On Track

TruSox are available in numerous different styles, types, colours and sizes, to match your fitness attire and preference!

They are available in three different styles: ankle length, mid-calf length, and full length; ankle length and mid-calf are the more popular versions for fitness and running use.

TruSox also come in two thickness preferences: cushioned and thin; cushioned having a thicker cotton weave than the thin.

The mid-calf come in white, black, royal blue, sky blue, navy, red, yellow, green, orange and burgundy, with the ankle socks only available in white.