TruSox help you get a grip!

Boxers need to feel secure in their footwear; constant lateral movement, and ‘bobbing and weaving’

With TruSox, they can feel safe that they will not slip up at that critical moment. In such a fast-paced sport, boxers have turned to TruSox to give them that ‘edge’ over their opponent that can be the difference between a KO or being KO’d. TruSox feature non-slip technology pads that appear both inside and outside, making sure your foot is secured and stable in your footwear. Your footwear feels part of your body.


Raise Your Game

TruSox are not just a pair of foot grips; they have become an essential piece of any boxer's kit. Professional boxers all over the world have turned to TruSox as a solution to the old age problem; the lack of grip given by other sports socks, with Darren Barker winning the IBF Middleweight title on his first fight in TruSox.

Maximize Power Transfer

Grip is essential for all boxers, professional and amateur, and it is something that is difficult to get with ordinary socks. TruSox incorporate non-slip technology pads on both the outside, and the inside, of the product that ensures that the TruSox grip to both your footwear, and to your foot, so that there is no slippage whatsoever.

Stabilization Of Plant Foot

TruSox have many benefits for boxers: with the constant changes in direction and the sharp movements involved in the sport, TruSox make sure that you are stable and secure in your footwear at all times; the difference between normal sports socks and TruSox is truly astounding. TruSox are also safer for boxers than any other sock, as they ensure you have the grip that you need at the vital moment.

TruSox keep you stable and secure in your footwear


The enhancement in performance that can be gained from TruSox has meant that champion boxers such as Darren Barker (former IBF Middleweight champion) and Jon Slowey (WBC International Silver featherweight champion) wear TruSox for all their fights.