TruSox help you get a grip on your game!

TruSox provide a solution to cricketers footwear problems

For fast bowlers, problems with their planting foot have long been an issue. TruSox eradicate this by ensuring your feet don’t slide in your boot. For batsmen, TruSox ensure your feet are secure and solid when playing shots and running. For wicket-keepers, TruSox grip tightly during sharp lateral movements, enabling quicker dives and more spectacular catches.

TruSox feature non-slip technology pads, on both the inside and outside, making sure your foot is always secure. TruSox are stable in your boot; there is no movement whatsoever, your footwear feels part of your body giving players that “snug” feeling they are looking for.


Raise Your Game

TruSox are not just a pair of socks; they have become an essential piece of any cricketer's kit. Professional cricketers all over the world have turned to TruSox as a solution to the old age problem; the lack of grip given by other cricket specific-socks.

Maximize Power Transfer

Grip is essential for all cricketers, professional and amateur, which is why the TruSox has become one of the most sought after products since they were released on the market. The non-slip technology pads on both the outside, and the inside, of the sock ensures that the TruSox grip to both your footwear, and to your foot, so that there is no slippage whatsoever.

Stabilization Of Plant Foot

TruSox have many benefits for cricketers: whether it be a bowler, helping keep your front plant foot stable so it doesn’t slide, or whether it be a batsman, helping you change direction quicker and more explosively, or a wicketkeeper, helping lateral movement and pushing off to make a diving stop or catch; the difference between normal cricketing socks and TruSox is truly astounding.

TruSox keep your plant foot stable reducing slide


Here are just a few of the players to turn to TruSox:

• Joe Root (England)
• Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)
• James Anderson (England)
• Jos Buttler (England)
• Tim Southee (New Zealand)
• Trent Boult (New Zealand)
• Peter Siddle (Australia)